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  4. All my travels
  5. Why I'm taking this class

Personal Information

I was born in Columbus, Nebraska and grew up in that area. I lived there all the way up until I went off to college in Council Bluffs, Iowa and eventually to Omaha. My parents are separated and both remarried therefore blessing me with a huge family all over the country. I have lived in Omaha for about two years now and I like it a lot. I work at a restaurant as a server and at the front desk of a gym.


I went to Columbus High School in Columbus, Nebraska. I received my Associate’s degree at Iowa Western Community College. Currently, I am working towards my Bachelor’s degree at University of Nebraska-Omaha.


My major is general administration in Multidisciplinary Studies with my concentrations being in criminal justice and political science.

All my travels

Unfortunately, I have only traveled in the United States and cannot wait to travel international! I’ve traveled to several states in the country including: California, Nevada, Colorado, Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, North Dakota, South Dakota, Iowa, Minnesota, Illinois, Missouri, Kansas, Pennsylvania, Florida, and probably a few more.

Why I'm taking this class

I’m taking this class because, I feel like I would learn a new skill: planning a trip. Traveling is something I would love to do more but there’s a lot more planning that goes on, as well as things to consider during the trip.

Assigned videos

I have watched all the assigned videos so far. YouTube: Long Way Down, Long Way Round, & An Idiot Abroad. I found Where to Invade Next on Amazon Prime Video.

I agree to post all assignments for this course on the web for the professor and other students to view.

Submitted by Samantha Dunn on January 28, 2019.